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Working with ambitious business owners and really making a difference to their brands is our absolute passion. We recently were selected (from a lineup of 7 agencies!) to complete a rebrand for scaling business, Funky Chunky Furniture.

Funky Chunky Furniture have seen record sales growth (see here)
since the launch of their new brand, which focussed on repositioning and growing the furniture side of the business. Here is what Kevin Johnston, Managing Director of Funky Chunky Furniture thinks about the outcome of their rebrand and working with Absolute...

A Q&A with Kevin Johnston

Why did you choose to work with us?
Experience / expertise / compatibility.
We were very selective in our process to pick an agency to work with. In fact we spoke with 7 agencies prior to selecting you.

What were your brand issues/obstacles?

Do you feel the rebrand was a success?
The brand is now a clear reflection of the core of the business.

Do you feel your brand now supports your aspirations for growth?
Yes, we had growth in mind when looking at rebranding. We now have confidence in our brand to reach our ambitions.

What positive change did the rebrand bring to your business?
We needed a good foundation to take our business to the next level. Rebranding has brought that both internally through our clear values and externally though our professional real image.

What value do you feel the marketing strategy has given the business?The marketing strategy helped us dissect our historical data and understand our customer in depth. We now have clear customer profiles in mind when looking at new products and marketing campaigns. This is in addition to an overarching marketing strategy calendar.

Would you recommend our approach and delivery to other businesses?
Yes definitely.

What do you feel we did well?
The approach to the rebrand exercise had no bias unlike some other agencies we spoke with. It was diplomatic research exercise which focused on customer perception and real customer feedback. The personal passionate enthusiasm towards getting things right made Absolute an extension of our very own team. As a result of this we feel we have found a great agency to help us on our exciting journey.

Could we have done anything better?
I honestly can’t even offer constructive criticism.

Any other comments welcome…

“I can highly recommend working with the Transform team, it’s a game changer!”

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