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We are often asked when it comes to helping companies elevate their brand and marketing what the most important element is? Or where the best place to begin should be?  

Because it’s not just about execution or the tactical delivery of marketing activity that matters in building better brands…. whether that be PR, content, social media or design etc. In our eagerness to ‘get going’, we can so often launch into that good stuff far too quickly!

Rather it’s about starting with understanding who you are. Who you REALLY are as a brand and what you stand for.

What your magic is.  What makes you different.  What you stand for.

And what you offer that nobody else does quite the way you do. The personality and characteristics that quite simply make you – YOU.

Because to truly hit your marketing with the gravitas needed and attract the customers meant for you, it requires alignment. Connecting what your brand says, does, and how it acts, in a way that is authentically you.  

When brands do this well – they become stronger! They win! Connecting with the right audiences and customers. And powerfully carving out their place in the market.  Branding being the art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable!

It’s why we place such a large emphasis on the onboarding element of our Transform programme (Or discovery phase as we like to refer!) before any marketing, content and design is started. Getting under the skin of the brands we work with and carving out who they really are alongside their goals and aspirations.

With many a popular question thrown in the process too … (because there is room for a bit of fun!)

If you brand was a biscuit, what would it be?  

If your brand attended a party, what would they be wearing?  

How would they come across?

What car would they drive? 

What music soundtrack would they be?

As abstract (and as daft) as it may seem, knowing the answer to questions like these and personifying your brand, helps you build a picture, and most importantly a solid foundation for your brand and marketing.  Knowing who you are and most importantly who you are not will help you carve out;

Your position in the market

Your USP’s – Unique selling points!

Key marketing tactics and channels

Your tone of voice

Your values

Core messages / brand straplines

Brand creative, logos, colours and fonts

Your position in the market vs your competitors.

Essentially what, how and where you execute your marketing tactics!  

Quite simply if youunderstand your brand personality -you understand how to best stand out. How to connect and grow.  Or as Jonah Sachs famously stated, to successfully tell your brand story across all customer touch points.

So, are you ready to Transform and shape your brand narrative?