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To the world, your brand is everything you are. That first impression you never get a second chance to make. Yet so many businesses put up with a brand that simply isn’t working for them. Your brand is such a powerful tool, so it makes sense to ensure it’s everything it could be. Here are 5 key indicators it’s time to rebrand:


1.You feel slightly embarrassed by it  

You know you have a great business and you have the capabilities to deliver a great service (or product), but you cringe a little when handing over your business card, you secretly hope that potential new client won’t look at your website. These are obvious red flags. Your brand should make you feel proud, give you a sense of empowerment, be an accurate representation of all that is great about your business. If you feel less than confident and often find yourself making excuses for your marketing materials, it’s time to take action.

2.You’re not attracting the right clients 

Are the people that reach out to you just not a good fit? Perhaps they can’t afford your offering or they are looking for services you don’t provide. Developing a strong brand that is targetted to a specific audience with a specific need, will help potential clients to self-qualify, improve the perception of your business, and help you to avoid those non-ideal clients.

3.You don’t know what you stand for

Your current clients are very happy. But why did they choose you over the competition? What do your current clients value about you? And what is your ‘why’? If you don’t know, then you are going to find it difficult to communicate effectively ‘what is great about you’ to potential new clients, which could be a major roadblock when trying to reach your sales targets. You need to develop your brand so that prospective clients know you are the company for them within seconds of interacting with your brand.

4.You don’t stand out 

Are you blending in with the crowd? Is the market in which you operate very samey? Then you have a great opportunity to make your business stand out through your branding. By defining and communicating your USP you can be viewed as a distinct choice, giving your prospective clients a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors.

5.Your current brand doesn’t reflect where you are or where you’re headed 

Over time your business changes, your customer base evolves, and the market can shift. This could mean that your brand has got left behind and no longer represents where your business is today, or where you aspire to be. By rebranding, you can accurately reflect the success of the company and take your business to the next level.  

So, do you think it’s time to rebrand? 

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