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It appears that with the current social and political environment in an uncertain state, householders are yearning for reassurance and are showing a desire to create an uncluttered, more relaxing environment in the home. With this in mind, we’ve explored how this is shaping consumers approach to home interiors.

Hygge has grown in popularity with many consumers wanting to experience the art of living well, and creating a calming zen like environment at home. It would seem that consumers are demonstrating a need to eliminate the unnecessary from their lives, decluttering and streamlining their homes in order to make it a place of relaxation. As a result of this desire to find calm, Scandinavian interiors that embody the Hygge ethos, are on the rise amongst consumers.

Greenery has been selected by Pantone as the Colour of the Year 2017, which is perhaps a direct result of what we’re seeing taking place in global culture. With the undeniable political turmoil of Brexit and Trump (need we say more) society is craving authenticity and a return to simplicity. Greenery is symbolic of nature, a fresh start, growth and vitality, it is therefore breathing new life into interiors and bringing a sense of nature and balance into the home.

Like others within this article, this trend is likely to have been born out of a desire for consumers to return to a simpler way of life, and a need to go back to basics. Tribal patterns and natural materials inspired by primitive cultures are being celebrated. The imperfections of natural rustic materials and handmade accessories are bringing a laid-back feel into the home.

What this means for retailers  
As well as aesthetically communicating these trends through products and styling, retailers need to communicate a sense of reassurance through their brand. As we’ve seen through these trends, householders are looking to bring balance into their lives. We can assume that the brands portraying qualities such as reassurance, trust and authenticity are likely to be most successful in today’s uncertain society.

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