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Often, we talk about brand and business as two separate things. However, I believe that successful businesses are ones that see their brand as their business. 

And if we think of it like this, then it makes sense to value the way we build brands, using brand strategy as the driver for long-term growth.

A robust brand strategy that is 100% focussed and aligned with business goals.

A strategy that truly defines what your business stands for and the emotional connection you have with your audience, above and beyond products and services.

It’s essential to re-evaluate your brand during times of growth.  To make sure your brand is still consistent, relevant, and connecting with your audience.

But what are the warning signs that your brand is holding you back?

You’re not different.

There is a big difference between a company that truly understands its customers and as a result, can offer something unique and stand out, compared to those who are simply doing what everyone else is doing.

Developing and using your brand to focus on how you operate and solve client’s problems, and then doing this consistently time and time again is what makes you noticeably different.

This difference should be visible from your actions, your brand messaging, visual identity, values, communications, and more.

Your brand strategy is what helps to achieve this.

It allows you to tell your brand story.

Your audience doesn’t connect with you or trust you.

If your target audience doesn’t connect with your brand, they won’t connect with your business or your products.

Your brand has to work hard at this. 

Messaging and customer experience should go hand in hand – if one says one thing and one does another, you can feel unreliable to a customer, and trust can break down instantly.

Your products and services don’t align with your goals, vision, values.

Without a clear purpose, how can you help solve your client’s problems and fully meet their needs?

Your offer must match your brand purpose.  

You need to build your messaging and marketing framework (your drivers for growth) around your brands vision and values.

Your visual messaging isn’t consistent.

When it comes to fonts, colours, and styles, take a look at your website, social media banners, business cards, marketing leaflets altogether, would someone know they all come from your business?

A brand strategy allows you to position various products/services around a specific vision, a specific identity.

This isn’t to say you can’t try different things. Many businesses offer many different products and services; however, when you have a common purpose and values all driving in the same direction, then these different products and services can all still be related.

We believe to drive success, brands and businesses should evolve together.

However, to achieve this, you need a brand that you’re proud of, a brand that connects with your customers, is relevant, motivates, and inspires.

You need a brand strategy that provides a clear understanding of what you stand for, a clear purpose.

A purpose and set of values that keep your business moving forward and growing in the right direction.

Transforming brands for growth 

If you feel that your brand is holding you back, or you would like to develop a brand strategy that supports your business’s future, let us know.

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