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Meridian Upholstery

The challenge:
Established in 2007 by Jonathan Eager, Meridian Upholstery based in Newton Aycliffe has grown from strength to strength offering bespoke, contract furniture and fixed seating for a range of customers including retail, interior designers, contract wholesale, procurement and the marine sector.  As part of their ambitious growth plans, the business was keen to diversify creating a new stand-alone sofa and chair collection for the furniture retail sector and their existing customers.

To achieve this, Meridian required a strong new brand to reflect the quality, design and outstanding craftmanship the business have become renowned for. Also needed was a robust marketing plan to help direct activity, raise awareness and realign themselves in the market.

The solution:
We worked closely with Meridian delivering a number of workshops to understand their core customer base, business goals and channels to market. To really get to the heart of who they were and to ensure an authentic brand and tone of voice could be developed, it was vital the discovery workshops ‘digged deep’ with a range of areas explored.

We then consolidated this information into a brand archetype based around Meridian’s core values and qualities. In this case the helpful, reliable, quality and very British ‘Butler’ persona was identified and used to inform Meridian’s brand direction and tone of voice. This archetype has really helped the business grasp who they are and what they stand for and has been used to shape their customer service standards, processes and marketing.

The focus on quality and craftmanship was also pivotal to their identity which we used to manifest in their strapline ‘It’s the way we make it that makes it Meridian.’

There have been a lot of WOW moments throughout the process including the brand reveal and we are already benefitting from a number of new business opportunities.

Kayleigh LaightSales Director, Meridian

The outcome:
The result is a complete brand refresh and one that aligns Meridian more authentically with who they are conveying their core values, services and product offering. Their tone of voice also now effectively brings the brand’s personality to life and a clear marketing and content strategy is being implemented to drive sales and growth.

Kayleigh Laight, Sales Director, Meridian Upholstery said;

“What can I say about the Transform programme? It’s been fantastic for our business and if you are thinking of taking part, I can 100% say you won’t regret it.

Sarah and Nina are a delight to work with guiding us every step of the way. They are friendly, professional and always on hand if we need them.  Most importantly, they were really quick to ‘get us’, our business goals and knew how to encapsulate that authentically in our new brand, marketing plan and content. Their process was thorough, questioning and listening attentively in order to really get under the skin of our business. This is something that has paid off massively in the creative output and implementation of our marketing.

Their guidance and support really has been the missing piece of the jigsaw for our business. We knew the quality of our products, our value and what we stood for, but struggled to articulate that. This is now no longer the case thanks to Sarah and Nina.

There have been a lot of WOW moments throughout the process including the brand reveal and we are already benefitting from a number of new business opportunities. Whilst the programme is an investment, it has been worth every penny and more than paid for itself already. The whole process has given us renewed confidence and enthusiasm in our brand and with ambitious plans to grow to £50 million turnover, we are so happy to have Sarah and Nina on board as an extension of the Meridian team.”

We delivered:
+ Brand & marketing strategy
+ Brand design
+ Content plan
+ Website copywriting
+ Tone of voice creation/brand straplines
+ Website design
+ Blog content


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