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Baker Furniture

The brand issue:

Baker Furniture approached us as they felt their brand styling and photography was not communicating the quality of their products, and their marketing collateral was lacking in consistency.

Baker Furniture Branding and photography

The solution:
We worked with Baker Furniture through a brand audit and brand positioning exercise. This enabled us to align their marketing materials with their brand position, ensuring they communicate the quality of their offering and provide the level of perception and consistency that is required from a premium brand. 

Baker Furniture Brochure Design and Branding

The outcome:
We have been Baker Furniture’s brand partners for over six years, producing beautiful photography, brochures and exhibition collateral that reflects the high quality of their product offering.

Baker Furniture Branding - Photography
Baker Furniture Branding and Design

We delivered:
+ Branding
+ Photography and art direction
+ Location sourcing
+ Styling
+ Brochure design
+ Advertising
+ Exhibition collateral design


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